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Dreams Achiever ( Live Your Dream )

This programme will mould to the shape of a scheme called “Who is the Dreams achiever ”. It is a National level programme in India to identify and recognize dreams of students, intellect and their academic talent. Close to 2000 Dreams-Achiever are anticipated to be selected in U.P after personal interview .This scheme is open to all students of Indian Nationality. On the behalf of this programme we invite different Schools, Institution, Groups and Universities to take part in this programme . Our inspiration behind this programme is to provide state of the art education services and resources to student in any level and help the learner to develop a new path to track his/her dreams. • What is “dreams achiever” and how a student is benefitted? Dreams achiever is a programme for student of class 1st to higher grades. We offer a test to student to appear on this programme. In this test student can select the prize of test as per their wish. The first one is Tablet and second one is his/her dream. Dream means “what the student want to became in future as we concern about its carrier” Dreams may be any type except (people, thing and amount).... More

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